terça-feira, 11 de março de 2014

Love is viral or "the impossible not to smile video"

"This is pretty scary…" says one of the guys before the kissing begins. Isn’t it always?
Strangers or almost familiar faces replicate, since the beginning of times, and over and over again until the end of humanity, the fear and the nervous laughs that come before a first kiss (and the ones that follow). But, isn’t the repetition of the inhaled passion that occurs during and the undisguisable smile of joy that appears immediately after (and lingers for a while) that makes us all human?
The truth is that nothing compares to the beauty and the emotion carried by a first kiss between two people. The stare into another’s sole through his/her eyes and the embrace that instinctively occurs every single time. And, strangely enough, with our eyes closed, we feel like we can conquer the world.
This video evidences the perfection of some of those moments, usually missed because is quite impossible to pay attention with the eyes wide shut.
Thus, today I say thanks to those strangers for sharing such precious moments with the rest of us. And, for reminding me that, in fact, I am a hopeless romantic.